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Goodyear Rebate

Goodyear Rebate Cover
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Rebate Valid Between 01/01/2023 - 03/31/2023 

Rebate Offer: # 230020

Purchase Four (4) qualifying Goodyear or Kelly Tires and you will be eligible to receive a Manufacturer's Rebate back by Mail for up to $100*

Tires are subject to availability. Please read redemption form (below) for full instructions and terms and conditions. Rebates are strictly issued by the manufacturer. Discounted Wheel Warehouse does not make any final decisions on eligibility or issuance of the rebates. Discounted Wheel Warehouse will provide you the necessary Sales Order/Invoice required by the manufacturer for the rebate.

The Following Tire Models are Eligible:

How to Redeem

Use this form to redeem by mail:Goodyear-Kelly-Jan-Mar-2023-Rebate-Offer-230020.pdf

Or Redeem online here:

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